Today, after 30 years, we have come to realise that our Company has developed through travels and the discovery of a complex country, with a rich and surprisingly diverse landscape that is unique in this world. These travels have put us in contact with the relics of lost ancestral viticulture, full of expression and know how.

To see the ways in which our ancestors worked has moved us. How they were capable of moving many tonnes of stone in order to mould landscapes and build terraces, which today are a patrimony, almost abandoned, that could well convert themselves into some of the finest vineyards on the planet. How they used hundreds of varietals which were mixed to adapt to our diverse landscape and climate.

We have learnt a great deal. We have thought this all through and realised that by respecting all we have seen and picked up along the way, this ought to form the basis of our entire work.

The result of this journey has been more than 80 hectares, 355 parcels and 43 varietals.